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Harmony Central review of our Paisley neck pickup:

Overall Rating

Comments: This pick up is every bit worth the money I paid. If it were destroyed I would definitely buy the same pick-up. If I buy another Telecaster it will have this pickup and I'll probably try APCpickups bridge pickups as well. I've been playing for over 20 years. I've heard, played and owned quite a few guitar in that time. This is the best sounding neck pickup on the market. I mean, Brad Paisley uses it in all his guitars. That cat is truly an awesome guitar player and could buy any pickup on the market. He use Adder because tone is important!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value.

Harmony Central review of our Persuader LeadTM  pickup:


Perceived output level: HIGH (higher than any EMG, Dimarzio, or Duncan)
Tone: Perfectly ballanced, BEST SOUNDING PICKUP I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!
Sonic evaluation: playing through the pod 2.0, mesa .50 cal, Dual Rec, marshall 800/900/2000, peavey XXX/5150/ultra. it really doesn't matter what amp you use, this pickup will bring the best out of your guitar.

For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: any position

Overall Rating

Comments: i would definatly replace this pup if it were lost or stolen. i have never heard a louder, clearer, hotter, smoother, cleaner, yet still a distortion class pickup in my life!!! EMG only wishes it could sound as good as these pups do! if you want to make a cheap, crappy guitar sound good, or want to make a good guitar sound even better, TRY an APCpickup, you can't beat the sound quality of APCpickup!!!!!!!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value

Harmony Central review of out Persuader LeadTM neck pickup:


Perceived output level: clean high output
Tone: Transparent, strong distinct low end punch, massive mids without being ugly, highs that have a balance I have NEVER found in any other pick up on the market.
Sonic evaluation: These pick-ups have been played through a Marshall TSL200 head with 1960a 4-12 cab. through little or no processing. Then Line6 POD at church Through PA and personal monitor mix.Now I use the Vox AD120VT. Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier in a store through 1-12 Celestion.

No matter what these pick-ups play through they bring the best out of any tube amp. When I was looking for a New amp I would take my guitars with me and I would always get a group of players asking to play my Ibanez or Charvel only to find out that Nothing off the wall could even come close to the quality of the tone. Understand the homoginized tone of the Ibanez line has never impressed me and the only reason I bought the one I have is I didn't have anything else at the time and the pawn shop was unaware of what it was worth. $150.00 was a steal I thought. Needless to say when I got tired of triing to make it sound any good I Caved and tried the APCpickups to see what they could do for this poor excuse of a guitar.And it was magic everyone wanted to buy the guitar from me thinking the guitar was great. Some said they would switch to EMG's and improve it. WRONG!!!!!!!!!! They obviously beleive every thing they read in the guitar mags. This guitar bites the big one. But the pick-ups rule. Next the Charvel neck thru 650XL which not even pluged in sounded good. Had EMG'S, with mid boost circut. Here is the real comparison for the deceived that have been led to beleive this was the only way to get that PUNCH. The APCpickups with a volume volume tone control setup, no batteries, are in every way superior to EMG, Dimarzio, Seymor Duncan, anything. More punch, more of everything accept noise and distortion. This has to be heard to beleived but do yourself the favor and buy them direct,you won't be let down. I could gush about these for years and have. Zakk's tone ain't nothing. I dare you to put a duet of Persuaders in your Les Paul and hear your Les Paul For the first time no kidding.

For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: There isn't a style they don't make a pick-up for

Overall Rating

Comments: If my guitars were stolen I would report the pick-ups and Charvel stolen. and weep. Yes I would buy more for what ever guitar I had no matter what. I have been playing for 19 years. I wish that local retailers would get some balls and take a chance on these pick-ups. They simply are the best without question. If you want to hide behind the old excuse of "subjective opinions" then go lock yourself in a room where you won't have to run into a set of these and beleive only what the mags tell you.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value

These are only samples of customers comments about APCpickups on Harmony Central.  You can read the complete reviews and others there.........

Here is a comment from a recent customer:

Hello from another very satisfied customer. I received my T300N pickup well over a week ago and immediately installed it. I would have responded sooner but I can"t seem to put down my guitar long enough to do so. I installed the pickup in a less expensive Tokai t-caster outfitted with great aftermarket parts. I play through a variety of fuzz pedals with a primarily clean amp sound. I cannot believe how responsive your pickup is. Total touch sensitivity and it adores the fuzzes I use and enhances their character tenfold. So I thank you for creating such a terrific pickup and providing such great service. Regards, David Van Moorlehem. (February of 2012)

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